Meat lovers, come enjoy our daily inspirations
based on a high selection of products by our chef Akrame.

Thinly Sliced Smoked Beef Matured 50 days

Gratin Dauphinois

Persillé Black Angus

Ribeye XL Black Angus

Pommes darphin

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To spin things out, extend the experience at home or with friends and buy one of our Atelier Vivanda products selected by chef Akrame.

Caractère - Olive oil

Akrame is always in search for the best products; and after much thought, he decided to create his own olive oil: Caractère. He thought about an olive oil with a pepper flavour that will liven up the meat, without its usual spiciness and aggressiveness. Caractère is composed of Taggiasche bio green olive that come from the small area of Ligure in Italy, and of unspoiled Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar - full of subtlety. The powerful combination of those wonderful products emphasize the taste of our meats perfectly. You can find Akrame’s olive oil, Caractère, exclusively in our Atelier Vivanda restaurant.

The Ketchup

Selected by chef Akrame himself, this ketchup will suit perfectly with your meat, whether you eat it at home or at Atelier Vivanda. This home-made ketchup is prepared with love by François Fleuriet with fresh tomatoes from his region and a touch of Pineau de Charente.


Created for our Atelier Vivanda’s restaurants, those knives, « Les lames de Sames » made by Christophe, a Basque craftsman have been inspired by the Ancient world, Rome. Meat lovers, don’t hesitate!


Custom made for our waiters, this leather apron, cut out from one single animal skin with a steel’s holder, is inspired by the blacksmith’s apron.



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